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Download Crab War MOD Apk Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this Download Crab War apk is amazing now enjoy. Here you gorong-gorong its working hurry up guys.



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Crab Game is one of the best online Strategy Games that has come out in recent times. In fact, this game has been one of the most downloaded games for Facebook and other social gaming sites in the past few years. The game revolves around a crab who gets stranded on a desert island and needs to find help in permintaan to survive. He is assisted by a number of birds who also happen to be his friends. They assist him in his quest and help him in reaching the goal of finding a shelter for the crabs. Since the beginning stages of the game are quite simple, it does titinada require too much time to complete them.

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There are many things which make the game even more interesting. The best features of the game are its unique storyline, its exciting graphics and best of all its simplicity. These features make it one of the best games available on Facebook right now. One can find all the information about the game and the best way to get access to the best parts of the alur in the Facebook application. Moreover, the best feature of the game is that one can play the whole story lewat a single user account.


One of the best things about the Crab Game is the storyline. This story revolves around a group of crabs who find themselves stranded on an unknown desert island and need to find a way to survive. One of the characters in the game even says that the crabs eating each other. This causes the game to have a very macabre undertone which draws in a lotre of players due to its promise of horror.


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Another interesting thing about the game is the different ways in which one can interact with their friends. For instance, one can build a relationship with two of their friends by making them the playable characters. Once they are saved by the player, these characters will join their party and help them in fighting against the crabs. This increases the popularity of the game on Facebook. Some players have even managed to win the hearts of the lady in their life through this game and spent years keeping them as their party guests.

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Since the game is so popular, it has been localized in the English language. Players who are titinada too hangat with the language can use the help of a juru bahasa. The game mechanics are based on the same mechanics that are used in the popular Mario and Zelda games. One can collect as many shells as they want and can even decorate their boats according to their preferences.


Players can collect different types of crabs depending on the type of crabs eating them. The game requires that one use their imagination to create a storyline where the crabs must eat something and grow more in size. The crabs can grow up to three times their original size. One has to eat enough crabs in permintaan to satisfy the requirement of the game and to be the fastest one in completing the game.

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The game can also be enjoyed by one’s friends or family members who can be reached lewat the Internet. Those who do titinada have friends online can play against them through this game. Players can select the different settings in the game such as the number of the crabs that need to be fed and the color of the tiles that need to be collected. It is up to the player how far he wants his friends to go.


One can try out the game by downloading the software for free or buy the software for a certain price online. Those who are hangat with the basics of the game can actually mengawali the game right away and learn how to control the crabs while they are growing. Once, one masters the basics of the game, one can engage in a friendly game with his or her friends online.


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