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The Disney Heroes Battle Game is the newest addition to the Disney mobile app family. It has been downloaded by hundreds of taat Disney pengagum around the world. It gives their beloved characters a new chance to interact in a fun and exciting card game. In this review we take a quick look at what Disney Heroes Battle Game is all about and how you can download the Disney Heroes Battle Game for free on the Apple App Store.

Graphics and Okuler Quality

The Disney Heroes Battle Game comes in two parts. The first part is a standalone match that pits your favorite Disney Heroes against each other. This unlockable gameplay allows players to pick Disney Heroes that they want to kereta angin against each other in an exciting battle to see which character will emerge as a winner. Players mengawali the game by choosing their Disney Pahlawan and then choose Disney Villains to fight them off. Players can switch back and forth between the two teams of Disney Heroes easily using the touch screen or stylus.


The second part of the Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with four additional Disney Heroes that can be downloaded to play along with your Disney Pahlawan. These Disney Heroes has special attack and defense powers and can be switched between during the battle gameplay. You can also build up to four children by unlocking more Disney Heroes to fight alongside your Pahlawan. This second part of the gameplay also includes a les that teach users the basics of the Disney Heroes Battle Game, as well as how to win the battle.


In addition to the four Disney Heroes that is available to download to play the game, the Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with a number of Disney collectible cards. These collectible cards come with character bios, concept art and background information about the character. You can also download additional cards that can be used for battle gameplay recreates, like the ones that you find in the collector’s sets. All of these cards are created by the award-winning atelir, Disney where the majority of its film games were developed.

Effects & Sounds

Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with a number of collectible items that can be collected throughout the Disney World Resort. The four Disney Heroes that is included in the downloadable version of the Disney Heroes Battle Game include Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Winnie the Pooh. All of the Disney Heroes have special attack and defense powers, although their strengths and weaknesses are similar to that of their Disney Villains. They each have four unlockable costumes that they can use during the battle to give them an advantage lewat their opponents. After using up all of one aditokoh’s energy, they revert to their basic costumes for the rest of the battle.


You can even swap between the four Disney Heroes during the course of the game. You can do this by tapping the screen or moving your fingers from one character to another. This will cause them to blend into the background. If you tap X on Donald Duck, he will fly lewat and help you with the battle against the bad guy, while if you tap Y he will stand next to his friends to give them some helpful biaya siluman. When you switch between the four Disney Heroes, the animations will move along with them and your input will remain consistent.


Disney Heroes Battle Game features Disney’s best-known cartoon characters such as Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh. All of these popular Disney characters have their own special moves and abilities, and the Disney Heroes Battle Game keeps them in sync with the Disney movies. In this game you must guide your four Disney Heroes through lots of missions that are babak up based on the stories of Disney movies. There are several difficulty levels that you can change the difficulty tataran of with the different characters so that it is easier or more difficult for you as you play through the game. There are also times when Disney Heroes enters into short story missions that lead them to other areas and regions of the Disney Heroes Battle Game. You can even change the appearance of each aditokoh and use items on each aditokoh to give yourself an advantage during battle.

Experience After Reviw

Disney Heroes Battle Game is free to download and play. It is also available for free on several gaming websites worldwide. You can select any of the Disney cartoon characters that you want to control during game play. The game is very easy to pick up and is a lotre of fun. You should check out the Disney Heroes Battle Game as soon as possible.


Disney Heroes Battle Game play is now available on the Nintendo Wii deklarasi. It is based on the popular animated series of Disney. Disney Heroes Battle Gameplay draws its inspirations from the popular animated series of Disney s that includes films like Disney’s Cars. This new release features an all new story, setting and gameplay that draws its inspirations from both the popular animated series of DC comic’s Batman and the populer animated television show, The Force. In the game, Disney Heroes battle it out in epic adventures against villains and each other using their singel powers and abilities to vanquish their nemeses and prevail in each battle. Disney uses a cartoon style graphics and cartoon sounds while playing the Nintendo Wii deklarasi.


Disney Heroes Battle Gameplay is highly interactive, as it features various card decks that the Disney Heroes can use to put their finishing touches to their strategies. The Disney Heroes is broken down into specific teams with different strengths and weaknesses. They must work together to win each battle and move forward towards winning the game. Disney uses its own game mechanic design where the Disney character moves, jumps and fights using special moves and weapons. The game also incorporates a variety of Disney animations, special themed music, special effects and powerful spells to kulminasi it off.

Fully unlocked

Disney Heroes Battle Gameplay involves eight-player matches that have a turn-based battle space and the goal is to eliminate all the Disney Characters. Disney has licensed several TV shows and movies to feature as characters in this competitive battle card game. The Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with a variety of Disney cartoon figures as well as stuffed toys that depict various Disney TV characters.


Disney Heroes Battle Game has an interesting rule-set wherein you can only use a certain card in each of your turns. The Disney World merek is displayed on a specially designed battle kalangan card. Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with various game modes including Story bentuk, which is a single player game and a lawan bentuk that allows you to kereta angin your wits against the computer generated Disney Heroes.


Disney Heroes Battle Game is a collectible card game that features Disney’s best animated characters. Disney uses a uniquely designed rule babak to give you hours of card gaming fun. Disney Heroes Battle Game has various cards that include Disney Villains, Disney Heroes, Disney Spell cards and Disney Spells. The Disney Heroes deck also contains rare and collector’s editions cards of the most popular Disney cartoon series such as Kung Fu, Indiana Jones and The Fantastic Four.


Disney Heroes Battle Game revolves around four distinct phases and these are the Pulik, Rush, Attack and Block (AR). In the pulik phase, you have to pulik Disney Villains from the deck and then you have to move them to one of their designated places on the playing field. You have to ensure that at least one Disney Villain you move gets to its location on the board before the other players do. Once all Disney Villains have been moved, the cards are placed in the pile where they belong. This is where the action begins.


During the turn, each player gets to perform one of three different actions. The first player may choose to attack other players with one of his/her Disney Villains. If there is no other benar incaran player, the player may decide to take a special action. A player can also use his/her character’s special ability to fight each other. A player’s turn ends when he uses his/her Disney Villains’ special ability or when all the players have rolled the dice and there are still cards left in the playing field.


Disney Heroes Battle Game comes with three decks of playing cards and twelve battle cards. All the cards have Disney Villains on one side and the Heroes on the other. There are also additional two decks of Mickey and Minnie cards. Both decks of cards have Disney heroes on one side and the Disney Heroes Battle Cards on the reverse side. The Disney Heroes cards consist of the Disney castle and Disney princesses. All the cards have Disney printed symbols on them.

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