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Download Konsumtif Revolt 2 MOD (MOD, God) APK Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this ) Download Konsumtif Revolt 2 APK is amazing now enjoy. Here you peceren its working hurry up guys.


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Latest new Features Unlocked

Use the RTS war strategy to lead your kingdom to victory and become the most powerful king or queen in the ROYAL REVOLT 2 action world.

The key to success is your offensive martial arts and your RTS conquering strategy.

Adjust them according to the strategy of your real-time strategy.

And the army regularly!

Build an epic menara defense that can easily deal with the toughest falls.

Choose your army, real-time strategy for menara defense, and obstacles that depend on your kingdom.

When they try to face a powerful army of archers, paladins and even werewolves and dragons, they attack the enemy kingdom in berbentuk time and destroy their castle defenses.

Konsumtif Revolt 2 Apk Download Latest Version 2021

Together with your taat pet friends and boros guardians, you are ready for any epic search and defense against the enemy menara in garis depan of you.

The blacksmith will help you make better products.

In the style of a berbentuk role-playing game!

Melt unwanted items and collect pearls.

Later, this friendly blacksmith can use magic runes in RPG to defend and attack.

Features: ☆ Menara defense RPG ☆ Build a strong defense menara that can resist any attack.

Choose the troops, obstacles and menara defenses you want to build your way in RTS.

Upgrade your kingdom golongan and choose the best items and spells.

Let your king or queen adapt to your perorangan playing style.

☆ Form alliances☆ Play with friends or team up with players from all lewat the world to improve the defense of the castle and form a powerful alliance to fight for power and epic treasures.

☆ Konstan seasonal events ☆ Fight in alliance wars, conquests and ninja events to see who has the best tactics and get powerful treasure chests and bonuses.

☆ Explore the depths of the castle defense city☆ Forge your weapons in the smithy.

Visit grandma to chat (with stolen goods).

Game Optis Quality / Feedback

Discover a mysterious dungeon under your castle and unlock a powerful army!

☆ There is more ☆ Are you ready to lead your kingdom to victory?

Castle defense strategy?

The world of Konsumtif Revolt 2 awaits you.

They are beautiful inside, but they save time.

You will never win.

Clarification at the request of the pengembang.

You can’t win this game, this is an endless update that will never win.

This applies to masochists and obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.

It’s titinada very cool.

Or, you can pay huge wealth for gems, but still can’t capture them.

The old obsessive-compulsive disorder player.

When I play Konsumtif Rebellion 2, I umum always annoyed by the way the game is played.

The idea is to make money from completed games.

Download Konsumtif Revolt 2 (MOD, God) 7.3.2 Free For Android

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