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The makers of the Zooba Game, which is an online multiplayer browser game recently released in the iTunes store have now released version two, which offers more added features. This second version of the game has many more exciting content that promises even more fun to players and those who are interested in the game. It has several different features that will leave all gamers impressed.


The first major addition to this popular online game is the introduction of health packs. Health packs are earned by playing the game and can be used to buy items for you and your pet, called “Zoobas”. Once you obtain a health pack, it will remain active mengangsur the player uses it. This allows you to save time by using the same pack lewat again, without having to go to the iTunes store each time to get the items you need for your pets.

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The second feature is the introduction of a new element called the Archaeologist. The archaeologist can detect items and objects through his or her keen eyes. This is a very useful function since the element required to complete most of the tasks in the game is based on objects detected with the naked eye, making it especially helpful when the element you need is titinada immediately available. The archaeologist also earns a fixed amount of gold every day which can be used to purchase armor and other useful items. The amount of gold earned during each play session determines the amount of coins dropped during future sessions.

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One of the best selling points of the game are the daily deals and weekly specials that are featured in the in-game marketplace. A player can buy five hundred gems for a low price and sell them for much higher prices if they obtain the special offer. The gems are tradable between players but the same cannot be purchased using berbentuk money. If a player finds the right kind of deal then he or she may be able to resell the gem for more money than they paid for it. This allows a player to amass a large number of gems and make a significant bermanfaat from selling them.

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The best part about the Zooba games is the free gems that can be played every day. These gems are offered at acak regardless of the position you are in at the time of the jatuh. For the players who are playing the games for the first time, the free gems offer the best opportunity to hone their skills and learn the basics of the game. They allow new players to understand the concept of earning and spending money to progress through the various levels faster. They help new players to familiarize with the basic functions of the gaming soul systems and they give them a clear idea as to how they can make the best use of their earnings to advance to the next tataran.


By the end of each week, the player is allowed to get rewards by answering a trivia question. The first question is “What’s the best item in the Shop”? Answer choices range from the usual coins, loots, feathers and so forth. If the player answers correctly to this question then they get the corresponding gem which is useful in improving their capabilities to earn better loot at a later stage in the game.

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Other options which are available for players to buy include health packs, which provide a limited supply of health points that can be used to restore the player’s health. It can also be used to purchase items which will improve their inventory slots as well as to increase the number of trophies that they earn throughout the week. In the later stages, they can purchase better loot to gain extra points and eventually earn the maximum possible number of achievements.


The daily deals feature that the Zooba offers enables players to get rewards every single day without having to worry about whether they are spending their berbentuk cash on the products or titinada. Players can just as easily purchase the best loot every day for just the cost of the health packs that they need to get additional points for leveling up their characters. For example, they could choose to get a new character and then use the health packs to heal them right before the match begins. This would be the best way to get the best loot in the game while titinada using any actual money.

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