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Pink Granny: Free Horror Games

We are welcoming you to play Pink granny game 3d in creepy granny house of scary horror games 3d as a horror warrior. Your wife Slendrina and son are confine in the cellar by an evil granny in a haunted house game. So, now it’s time to help them to escape from this spooky granny in angry granny games 2021. You have to survive for 10 days in scary horror games offline and escape from a haunted house of pink granny as soon as possible.

Granny in Pink

Granny in Pink Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free For Android (1)

Angry Granny Game

Pink granny locked all the doors so that you could titinada run away alive from the evil granny house. Here you have to use your mind to escape from the mysterious house. Pink granny of free horror games 3d can listen to the voice, merosot a plate to make some noise, and distract grannie in creepy horror games 2021, hide yourself under the bed before a spooky granny makes dinner of you in horror escape games. When she unlocks the door get away from the room and explore the mysterious house. But be careful once creepy granny catches you & kills you, your day will be lewat in scary granny game 2021.

Pink Granny Haunted House

Granny in Pink Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free For Android (3)

Evil granny hates it when someone interferes in her mysterious house. She will do anything to beradu you in horror escape games whatever she does, don’t look back and just run from horror survival games or hide somewhere in free horror games. Find 3 keys to reach your wife Slendrina, you also need to find a pakar key to reach your son.

Horror Survival Games

Now, What you need to do is find mission objectives in a Free Horror Games, find a knife from the library of Scary Granny and save the police officer who is catch by the deadly monster of an angry granny. You should explore her mysterious house and find out what evil activities she is doing? But be Alert, creepy granny game is very evil like other scary granny game 2021.

Key Feature of Pink Granny Game 3d

Granny in Pink Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free For Android (2)

• Pink granny of Barbie game in scary granny game.
• Easy and smooth Controls of horror games 2021.
• Realistic graphics of horror survival games.
• Creepy mission of escape & object finding in scary horror games 3d.
• Understandable escape missions with hints in scary granny game.
• Realistic horror sound effects evil granny.

Play free horror games 2021 & haunted house game to enjoy the addictive gameplay of angry granny game 3d, unlike other horror escape games.

Granny in Pink Mod Apk 0.2 (Unlimited Money) Free For Android

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