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The zombie survival game Zombieland is finally out for everyone to enjoy. In case you don’t know, it is completely free zombies and adventure game that can also be enjoyed on Facebook. In this article, we will puder about the best things in this game:


First of all, the game is very well designed. It looks so sebenarnya that you can get a bit claustrophobic and depressed while playing the game. As a matter of fact, this is one game that can keep you engaged in your Facebook account for hours at a time. However, if you get bored, you can simply switch to your computer and go back to enjoying the game on Facebook.


There are several different levels that can be enjoyed by players. For the beginner, they can angkat kaki off with the very easy “bane” golongan which shows you how to use the bow and arrow to kill the zombies easily. Once you become skilled in using the bow and arrows, you can move on to the more challenging “zombie zone” where you will need to utilize more advanced weapons such as the crossbows, blow guns, etc. to kill the zombies.

Zombieland AFK Survival apk download latest version 2021

The zombie aspect of the game is very thrilling for most players. When you are playing Zombieland, you will notice that each player has a unique, zombie-like bentuk. While some players may prefer to stay as the same bentuk, others will want to change their looks every now and then. To facilitate this change, the game has a “player style” setting that allows the players to alter their characters any way they like.

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While this feature is a great feature for the game, there is one major flaw that you have to be careful of. This is the fact that there are hundreds (if titinada thousands) of characters to choose from. If you don’t create your own character (or at least get the help of someone who has), you will find it quite a challenge to create a likable and unique character. If you do titinada find the right type of character to play, the game can be frustrating. However, there is hope as there are several easy steps you can take to make the game easier for you.


One of the best (and most simple) ways to make the game easier for you is to avoid getting populer by the zombies. If you see one walking around, don’t go near him. You can also avoid the zombies if you listen to the sounds made by the other players. This can be done by turning the sound off or using a headset. There is also a simple solution that involves moving the character to a safe place and then moving the character there mengangsur the sound disappears.

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In addition, try to avoid using the flash player. This is because it can cause lag issues to the players. There are many other players in the game, so if you really want to have an enjoyable experience, it is best to use the game server.


Finally, one of the best biaya siluman to use is to communicate with other players. This can be done by clicking on the minimap (can be found at the bottom of the screen). This is because the other players can also spot you when you are walking around. Once you spot someone, you should run away since there are a lotre of zombies around.


Remember that the game has a limited number of lives. You have only 60 seconds to live. After the timer runs out, you will die and lose your current golongan. If you want to increase your game play, make sure you find a high ground so you can avoid the zombies on the ground. You can also find items in chests but these do titinada always have the right item that is needed to complete the quest.

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One way to increase the amount of items is to kill animals. Some animals jatuh bones or raw meat which you can pick up and use for food. The dilema is that you cannot see what is inside the animal so you might get the wrong thing. The game also has limited amount of money, so you should conserve your money. Try to find the best spot to find a shelter and collect the materials needed to make one.


The controls of this game are titinada difficult. All you need is a keyboard. This game requires advanced knowledge because one wrong move can lead to your death. Keep in mind that this game is a free download so you can try before you buy it.

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